The chiropractic practice in Bowling Green stands out for its exceptional bedside manner and comprehensive patient care. Robyn, at the front desk, demonstrates exemplary professionalism by providing thorough explanations of Dr. G's procedures and keeping patients informed about payment details. Dr. G distinguishes himself by meticulously discussing the treatment plan, analyzing past patient records, and identifying areas for improvement in previous treatments to ensure optimal outcomes. During the initial consultation, Dr. G offers valuable insights through reviewing scans and information, which were previously overlooked by other providers. His personalized approach to treatment, coupled with hands-on care, sets him apart in addressing individual patient needs effectively. He has provided me with pain relief after physical therapy, dry needling, and spinal injections did not help. Dr. G adeptly communicates medical concepts to patients without a medical background, fostering clarity and understanding. For unparalleled chiropractic care, I highly recommend scheduling a visit to Dr. G's practice. It's unmatched in Bowling Green.   Meghan T

Dr. G  has treated myself and my family for many years. He is very thorough with his treatment and explanation of my lower back problems.  My wife had constant headaches and neck pain until she started getting adjustments.  She no longer has headaches and is free of pain.  I highly recommend his office for all your chiropractic needs.           T.J.Jordan

Before meeting Dr G at Bowling Green Chiropractic, I was constantly plagued with shoulder and neck pain and frequent migraines.  Since beginning with Dr G my migraines have decreased to extremely rare and the neck pain has improved greatly as well.  Bowling Green Chiropractic staff is extremely helpful and friendly and always get me in and out of the visit so quickly so my time off work is very minimal.  Highly recommended them!!    Barbara H.

 Dr. G has helped me so much! I was experiencing neck pain and headaches which were interfering with my job and life. After only a few short visits these problems have improved greatly and my life has changed for the better! I am so grateful to Dr. G and his great staff for their kindness, understanding, and knowledge which has helped me to avoid medication and any more doctor visits. They are always quick to get me in when I need it, and this is the chiropractor I will be sending anyone in need to!    Dagny H.

I've been coming to Dr. G since the first of the year in 2016.  I had been injured in a vehicle crash.  The right side of my hip was knocked out of alignment. I've also previously had lower back problems prior to the wreck.  Dr G will have x-rays done before he performs his chiropractic procedures to unsure proper care.  He is the BEST OF THE BEST.  He straightened my hip out and helps me with my lower back issues.  After a few weeks of treatments with my hip incident, I now come monthly for routine adjustments.  He keeps me finely tuned with my back and i highly recommend anyone to come to BG Chiropractic.  Even if you don't have back problems, everyone's spinal column needs realignment monthly.  The staff here are very professional and kind.  I thank God for having such a great facility and a Great Chiropractor to come to!!    Maxie M.

I am very pleased with the treatment I have had over the past years.  I was in pain with a pinched nerve. Dr. G relieved my pain the very first week.  I highly recommend his work.    Ginny S.

I’ve been seeing Dr. G for over a year now and he’s worked wonders for my back and shoulder issues.  Monthly maintenance is really key and I can stop in anytime I need a quick adjustment at other times during the month.  Dr. G and his staff are always a delight to see first thing in the morning.     Janet Y.

I’ve been under Dr. G’s care for approximately three years and I absolutely love the care I receive from him. His staff has always been top notch. I’ve referred several people to Dr. G and they all come back to me to let me know how much they appreciate the care and concern they receive as well. I can’t imagine seeing another chiropractor and I will continue to refer friends to Dr. G.     Cheree F.

When I came to Dr. G, he had s-rays done.  Not only did the x-ray show spinal alignment issues but Dr. G also saw an abnormality of my abdominal aorta.  My vascular surgeon watched the area for 3 years.  If not for Dr. G's due diligence it may not have been detected.  Thank you Dr. G! You saved my life! I whole heartedly recommend Dr G.!    Dan T.

Dr G. is so AWESOME! He has helped me so many  times. I was rear-ended and if it wasn’t for him I would be in so much pain. I love coming to see him and Robin! They make you feel right at home! I would never go to anyone else!!  The best chiropractor in  Bowling  Green!!    Renea  G.

I have been coming to Dr. G since 2005. I have always been treated well by all the staff. My back pain has been relieved every time I have come. I even showed up one time when they were getting ready to go to lunch and Dr. G saw me because he saw how much pain I was in. He tries to “keep me straight” but sometimes that is hard to do. I love coming here and I look forward to the quick and excellent service I receive.  Jill S.

My experience with Dr.G and staff has been a very positive and rewarding.   They are always professional and accommodating.  Beverly H.

So thankful for Dr. G and his wonderful staff! I have been a patient for over 4 years and have seen excellent results with my adjustments. Dr. G, Robin and Dixie have been instrumental in keeping me on the go and feeling my best! A huge thank you to Dr. G and the crew at Bowling Green Chiropractic in Bowling Green Kentucky.  Richard G.

Dr. G really cares and does his best to make you feel better. Since coming to him, my back has yet to go out on me for 4 years now. It used to go out on me every 6 months. Plus, Robin makes the place worth coming to with her great sense of humor.  Bryan G.

Dr. G provides excellent service and has really helped my back issues.  His treatments alleviate my pain and allow me to relax.  I fully recommend him!  John H.

No chiropractor can possibly be better than Dr. G.  He always gets me up and walking again after issues present themselves with my bad back.  Thank You Dr. G.  Cinda P.

Bowling Green Chiropractic is hands down the best chiropractic office in this area.  Of the MANY Chiropractors I have been to,  Dr. G is by far the best!  Not only has he relieved so much of my pain, I look forward to each visit as if he and the staff are old friends.  Both Dr. G and Robin are always so cheerful and welcoming.  If you are in need of chiropractic services, there is no better place to be.  Dana A 

The word chiropractor initially scared me, but was convinced to see Dr G by a dear friend of mine.  He was right.  Dr G was thorough, explaining every issue I had.  His recommendations for my health have been life changing.  He is conservative in treatment, to prolong my over-all health.  It has been a joy to work with him.  I feel better and appreciate his professionalism.   Amy M

I had the worst back injury of my life. I had never been down for more than 5 days for my back and on day 10 I knew I needed to do something now. I googled Chiropractors in the area and saw that Dr. G was one of the top reviewed so I gave him a shot! Within the first two adjustments I already felt so much better! He was so informative and helped me figure out a plan to prevent having to have surgery. I highly recommend you going to Bowling Green Chiropractic and seeing Dr. G!                              Molly P

I was having terrible back, hip and leg pain. A good friend recommended Dr. G to me. He has been wonderful. I could hardly walk when I came in 3 wks ago. Now I’m walking with very little pain. I love his honesty. He told me when we did the consultation, due to all the things I had going on in my back, that he didn’t know if he could help me. He let me make an informed decision on whether to start treatment.  Robin is a joy. I have had the best experience here and I will always recommend friends and family to him.                                  Melissa W 

Dr. G at Bowling Green Chiropractic literally saved my back! A little over a month ago it got to the point where I couldn't even walk without being in intense pain. When I first came into his office I had to lay on the floor just to fill out my paperwork. Now I'm walking around with no problems at all and no pain. I didn't even have to take any pain medications or have surgery. I'm truly thankful for them!  Deena L

My name is Matt S. and I am on my 3rd visit here at Bowling green Chiropractic, already feeling some relief! Dr. G is a truly genuine person that really cares about his patients, but the visit always starts with Robin up at the front desk, she is just the sweetest kindest person anyone could meet! So happy my wife got me in, her and my daughter have been coming to Dr. G for few years.

Dr G has been really great, he is very nice, knowledgeable and knows what he's doing. The staff is all really friendly as well. My appointments have all been flexible and quick and within 6 weeks I'm feeling much better and have less pain. Danielle H

Dr. G is awesome. He and his staff are very professional and provide excellent care. I felt an immediate difference after one chiropractic visit and I have less pain overall. I would highly recommend him to anyone!  Jenny F

I have been a patient of Dr G's for years. He first corrected a longstanding neck problem and then last year helped me after I injured my lower back. I was having numbness and pain in my leg connected to the injury and with Dr. G's help it completely resolved. Highly recommend him for any chiropractic need.  Gary H

I was going to multiple chiropractors over my shoulder.  Nothing seemed to help.  Dr. G was referred to me by a friend.  After my first appointment, I had immediate relief.  They were even able to get me in the same day I called.  Very Great People!  Dylean C.

So happy that Dr. G was recommended to me. Since coming here, I very seldom have any more pain during my work shift. They are flexible with scheduling and I'm always in and out and able to get on with my day. I love it here. Samantha W. 

Dr.  G is great!     I am a mixed animal veterinarian and I am hard on my body!   Dr. G keeps me pain free!   Joy J

Had a shoulder injury that I was told would take 6 months to a year to heal and be pain free. With Dr G's guidance and help my shoulder is back to 100% normal. Could not recommend more. The staff was very flexible in helping us and was very accommodating.   Dewayne L

After a month of Shoulder pain finally went to a chiropractor and Dr G is amazing and very kind, as well as his amazing assistant Robin. ❤️ They healed my shoulder without needing surgery. 10/10 would recommend   Brooke L

 My experience at the office has been flawless! Dr.G cares about his patients, he is very thorough with his exams and does what is best for the patient! The office team is great as well, they work with my schedule and sometimes it can be crazy.

I would recommend this office to anyone with back and/or neck issues.


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